Drug Discovery Solutions
During its 59 years in business, Hamamatsu Photonics has become the global leader in optoelectronic technologies. Our light sources and detectors are now integrated in a wide range of high quality instrumentation used daily in laboratories across the world.


Drug Discovery Solutions


Our drive for quality has led us to use our own sources and detectors in life science systems covering applications from near infrared spectroscopy, oxygenation monitoring and pathological slide scanning, to drug screening systems and many more. We invite you to discover our FDSS (Functional Drug Screening System) screening range and its applications for research, assay development and high throughput screening.

From the beginning, the FDSS systems have been developed to provide you with the best dispensing and imaging instruments to answer your needs. All of our systems include one or multiple injection heads, can be used with different plate formats and are available now. The modularity of our systems makes each one completely unique and their adaptability ensures they will evolve with your changing needs.

Please contact our local subsidiary's sales representative and technical support teams for further information.


Robot integration


FDSSuCell and robotic arm
Using the Hamamatsu FDSS/μCell in an automated robotic workcell
Research into the improvement and development of new medicines is increased when this can be done faster and more precisely. The collaboration with Lab Services has resulted in an automated platform that increases the high-throughput workflow of the Hamamatsu FDSS/μCell. This leads to a high-throughput process where screening technologies meets automation for the ultimate result, leading to accelerating research into drug solutions.



FDSS/µCELL Functional Drug Screening System

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Novel light fields and beam profiles such as top-hat, multispot generation as well as LG- / Airy- / Bessel beams are becoming increasingly important. They are also gaining greater acceptance in applications such as high-throughput laser-material-processing, high-Resolution / STED / lightsheet microscopy and even quantum optics. LCOS Spatial Light Modulators allow high quality, fully flexible and dynamic creation of these lightmodes.

We like to show you the main applications fields for spatial light modulators and the benefits they can offer you. For further details please refer to the references of selected scientific publications.




Ion channels & transporter


In-vitro Toxicity Assay


Enzymes assays


Innovative solutions





Hamamatsu Photonics have put some of our best technologies at your fingertips, with full automation capability for 96-, 384-, and 1536-well format plates, combined with our high sensitivity detectors. With the FDSS range, your assays will benefit from the latest drug discovery technology available.

Camera Technology


A wide choice of Hamamatsu cameras are available for real time kinetic assays

  • ORCA cameras for fluorexcence assays
  • Dual camera for fluorexcence & luminescence assays
  • Ultra-sensitive photon counting camera for low level luminescence


FDSS Hardware

  • A versatile system which allows for easy measurement of different micro plate formats, with one simple user operation to change plate format.
  • Plate stackers transform your system into a standalone unit, ideal for assay development and medium throughput
  • Easy robot integration within an automatized line for high throughput.
  • Up to 4 compound additions within one protocol.
  • Agonist / Antagonist addition without changing tips thanks to our 2 integrated dispensing heads.
  • Up to 3 separate washing stations - with ultrasound option - to provide you with the best cleaning depending on your compounds.
  • Automatized filter wheels to broaden your application range: dual excitation (e.g. Fura2) and dual emission (e.g. FRET) both available in one system.



HTS and uHTS Capabilities
Our FDSS7000EX offers HTS capabilities with 20 or 50 plates delivered via integrated plate stackers. To further extend the FDSS7000EX's capabilities, it is simple to connect to an external robotic system. Hamamatsu have had great succes integrating FDSS systems with robotic systems from the following suppliers:
We also provide support for integrating Caliper and RTS systems among other suppliers.
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